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This is our "Who's been where" page featuring pics, and stories of where our members from around the UKIC have been and what they do!  Are you a Blue Knight?  Do you have a story you want to share?  Then please contact so we can add it to the site.

Blind Veterans Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss

Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss Celebrating 100 years of Service

 Nearly a hundred motorcyclists rode across four counties to Brighton on Saturday (15/08) to raise money for Blind Veterans UK, the national charity for blind and vision-impaired ex-Service men and women.  The bikers raised more than £2,500 for the charity during Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss, the charity’s annual motorcycling event.

 Three UK chapters were present for the second Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss England 6 and England 8 supplied the majority  of the riders with the organiser from England 2.  Of those Blue Knights taking part not all were aware that Blind Veterans will look after members of the emergency services if they are blinded while serving.

Most met at the Fire training college on the Friday night for a few beers and a hot meal, on the following day, breakfast was had and we split into 2 groups of around 25 each.

Two groups of riders left the Fire Training College at Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire, and rode via a scenic route to Loomies Café in Hampshire, after the short break and meeting up with riders that joined us at Loomies. It was along more scenic routes down Shoreham where both groups joined so as to ride along Brighton sea front together to Blind Veterans UK’s Brighton Centre for a barbecue. Fifteen ex-Service men and women with sight loss welcomed them at the finish.

Rachel Chitty, regional fundraiser for Blind Veterans UK, says, “The barbecue was just a good old-fashioned opportunity to sit down and talk. Everyone enjoyed speaking to the veterans at the centre and the atmosphere was brilliant throughout the day.”

Dianne Heydon, 54, and a biker and Blue Knight from Nottinghamshire, says, “We spent the evening at the Centre drinking, socialising and chatting with a number of the veterans and they had some wonderful tales to tell. Not to mention the odd saucy joke!

She adds, “To anyone with a motor bike out there, Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss is an annual event open to all riders and the proceeds go to a great cause.”

Next years event is planned in for August 12,13,14 which is the same weekend as the Eastbourne Airborne so if you wish to make a weekend of it join us at Moreton in Marsh where accommodation will be available ride down to Brighton where there is a possibility of camping at the Brighton BVUK centre then pop over to Eastbourne on the Sunday for the Air show.


Guernsey Knights Ride To The Wall 03/10/14

In the afternoon of Friday 3rd October 2014 7 Motorcycles boarded a Cross Channel Ferry from Guernsey to Poole together with 10 persons on their seats, 4 machines were being ridden by Blue Knights, 3 of whom are new members of Blue Knights. The journey being intrepidly led by Simon Chapman a Founder Member and Director of England XII, our ultimate destination being the 'RIDE TO THE WALL' at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
We arrived in Poole at 19.00hr prepared and all briefed up for an approximate 3 hour ride to the Services at Cherwell M40 near Bicester. Arriving there shortly before midnight, due to variations of route by a follower of the pack, we sampled refreshment in the usual Knights manner and retired ready to watch the hundreds arrive at this start point for one of the 12 convoys into the venue.   

Our morning came and so did the rain, gently starting just after our breakfast and as the first of approximately 800 other bikes arrived at the service station car park. At 08.51hr we set off on our marshaled ride to the wall proudly wearing our Blue Knights Colours amidst hundreds of other Chapter and Club Colours of all types and variations, not one breath of anti-colours was heard by anyone. The rain persisted for the whole two hours of the ride during which time we merged with the convey coming in from Northampton at the junction M42 and M6, their numbers matching our if not greater. As we passed under bridges and along the roadside, camped and established flag bearers waved all togged up with wet gear ready to greet the thousands of machines passing them by. The number of spectators and greeters grew as we approached and left the motorway, with even the crew who normally take money from us on the Toll M6 waiving us through free of charge as their mark of respect for the occasion.

At the gates to the NMA a lone retired Fusilier stood in the middle of the road saluting the bikes as they passed him either side before entering the gates, I've since read that he was there from the first bikes arriving at 09.45 and the last at 12.35, again a superb tribute in pouring rain.

Once inside we parked up and en-route to meet others we were asked to pose for a photo in front of a new memorial for the 'LAND ARMY' which is just about to be unvielled by Royalty, of course we obliged explaining who we were, I was told this photo will feature on the 'Land Army' Website. We then grouped up with other Blue Knights inside the Catering Marquee, tamely drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate, but it was bloody cold I guess! Brief introductions proved to my newby Knights that the brotherhood is vast and welcoming, but extending from that, the whole collection of Colours & Waistcoats were of one mind and without conflict - Outlaws shaking hands with Knights and enjoying laughter together.
The rain abated and we all moved outside just in time for the procession of flag bearering motorcycles along the causeway to the Armed Forces Memorial itself and 'The Wall' on the hill. A service was conducted after being opened by the Military Wives Choir as the laughter turned to silence, and then tears, grown men as hard as nails shedding a moment of internal mental pain, a bugler played, a piper played and 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straights played across the crowds, without looking I'd bet there wasn't a dry eye on one of the estimated 10,000 plus persons gathered there.

After the service we split to wander the grounds in the now glorious sunshine and have time alone before regrouping ready to ride South again, this time nicely grouped with experience learnt from the night before, the pack made good progress covering motorway in good dry time and without too many slow-downs for average speed check areas. We got to our hotel again a service station at Bridgewater Somerset this time before grouping in a minibus taxi to find food and alcohol, glad we did taxi because the day was ready for a huge 'debrief' over some ale and wine for the ladies - us guys just drinking cokes of course being responsible motorcyclists !!!!

The 09.00hr ride back to our lunchtime ferry from Weymouth this time was dry and fun being the only real A-Road riding we'd done, but time limited that over the weekend. I had my final McDonalds fix before heading back to MacFree Guernsey and grabbing 3 hours shut eye on the boat after my 03.30hr bedtime the night before.

We all had a great time, met up with super friends (again) who up then were strangers to some of us, and look forward to welcoming you all over here to Guernsey for our inaugural Liberation Rally 8-10 May 2015. My new fellow Knights cannot wait for the next trip and will be spreading the positive word amongst buddies over here, we hope that with your support at our Rally we can drum up awareness of BLUE KNIGHTS and form our own Chapter. 
Looking forward to seeing you all here or there soon

Wales 1- Gloucestershire 175th Anniversary, 14/09/14

Sunday 14th September 2014 was the 175th anniversary of Gloucestershire Constabulary and the force hosted an open day at their Gloucester headquarters to celebrate. BK Wales 1 had a display stand at the event to publicise the good work done locally, nationally and internationally by the Blue Knights. The stand was visited throughout the day with the adults interested in the bikes and the photographs of Andy Edward's European rally visits and Andy Stone's map of his recent 4 month long North American tour.... the kids however just wanted to clamber on the bikes, much to the despair of Ollie, with his new BMW, and Neil, with his polished and spotless Harley! A great day and some good publicity in the local community for the Blue Knights LEMC.

Wales 1, Camping 5-6th September 2014

Wales 1 hosted a camping weekend at Apple Orchard Campsite, Westbury on Severn, in the Forest of Dean on Friday / Saturday 5th / 6th September 2014...  the weather was good, as was the food and home-brewed cider in the on site café / bar. There were about 20 or so Blue Knights and their families who attended from England and Wales; On Saturday there was a well attended 210 mile ride out through Chepstow, Abergavenny, Llandovery, Builth Wells, Crickhowell, Tintern and then back to the campsite. It was a long day but well worth the effort. Saturday evening saw more food and drink with a chance to catch up on gossip while stood around an open fire outside the café.. a fantastic weekend and one that we will have to do again!

Lawride, National Memorial Arboretum-20th July 2014

This years Lawride organised once again by England XI, the weather may have been terrible everywhere else, but in Staffordshire the sun shone brightly as old friends met to remember our fallen colleagues.  If you have never been then please come next year on Sunday 26th July.





Image above:  Riders lining up to enter the National Memorial Arboretum.  Image to the right:  Care of Police Survivors (COPS) Cruiser

40th Intl Convention, Austria-22nd-29th June 2014

Some of our members enjoying not only the 40th Intl Convention in Austria BUT the first time ever the event has been held outside of America.  Friends new and old were made in what has been regarded by some of our American brothers and Sisters as "The Best Convention Ever".



The picture above features members of England and Scotland (including the one and only "PREACHER")  To the right is Paz from England V having just ridden the Grossglockner in the Alps!!!